Statement zum Krieg in der Ukraine

Die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte (SGG) unterstützt vollumfänglich die Erklärung des International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS) zum aktuellen Krieg in der Ukraine. Die SGG verurteilt insbesondere die Geschichtsverfälschung der russischen Regierung, um die militärische Aggression zu begründen.

« Our purpose is to defend freedom of thought and expression in the field of historical research and teaching and oppose the misuse of history for whatever purpose.
As such, we strongly condemn the abuse of history employed by President Putin in rationalizing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. History is not owned by states or rulers, and we deplore the use of history to foster enemy images and distorted myths.
Freedom of thought and expression requires dialogue and means that our identities and communities are subject to revision and change. 
We stand by our member organizations from the Russian Federation and Ukraine in support of open and free dissemination of historical sources and open and free discussions about interpretations and narratives.»